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Jun 04, 2007 [Features] Assignment 4 Part 3
We’ll continue developing our photo sharing application. This time, you are to write client-server program to transfer your photo data to a remote server. You’ll be required to use your idea to
Mar 26, 2007 [Features] Assignment 4 Part 2
We'll start coding to obtain photos from the handset's native camera application and display them on the application level GUI. Even those who did not participate in Part 1 are more than welcome to
Mar 16, 2007 [Handsets] A Far More User-friendly Handsets Section - Now!
This part of the site has been redesigned so that you can more easily search for information about a particular handset, or information about handsets sold by a particular i-mode operator. Moreover,
Mar 02, 2007 [The 2nd DoJa Application Contest] Results Are In!!!
Check out the applications that were given top honors! The winners of the contest are seo greece, custom 3d models , buy 3d models , 3d heart model  Comments from the judges and the prize-winners have been posted in the contest section of the site. You can also download and try out each
Jan 18, 2007 [Features] Assignment 4 Part 1
The first part of assignment 4 has been released. This is a multipart interactive assignment where you will have the chance to create your own practical DoJa photo sharing application.
Editing images and HTTP communication
Obtaining photos of santorini greece from the phone's native camera application with DoJa
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